The Courage of Adult Education | TASC Test

April 8, 2015 thetasctest

The Courage of Adult Education | TASC Test 

The thought of finishing high school for adults can be scary. Regardless of how long you’ve been away from school, you have been away – and research says that if you didn’t want to learn back then, you probably don’t remember many much of what you were taught. Furthermore more, you probably aren’t familiar with the study skills adults need, such as how to juggle a work schedule with a study schedule.

These things are new and can be intimidating. It takes a lot of courage to return to your studies as an adult. 

First and foremost, remember that you are not alone. Many adults are returning to earn their high school equivalency certificate. They do so for different reasons, ranging from a hope to improve their competitiveness in a small job market to aiming for a college degree. Regardless of their reasons for returning, they too feel intimidated by the idea of devoting so much time and energy to a difficult test like the TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™.

Nevertheless, these adult learners decide that they want their certificate. They devote themselves to the studying process. Test taker Sergio Garcia took this step because he had big ambitions and hoped to complete college and become a detective. Test takers Mike Puccio and Jennifer Walters both decided to take the test to prove to their children that education was important, and to set an example for them.

What Motivates You? 

Discover what inspires you to earn your high school equivalency, and draw your courage from that. Finding this inspiration can raise your self-esteem and your confidence. National Institute of Adult Continuing Education (NIACE) researchers report that “raised self-esteem and confidence is also linked to achievement.” Remember that this opportunity to achieve your goals can open doors for you, and for your loved ones. Let the idea of your future – your life after the TASC test – inspire you.

When you have that motivation, you can achieve your goals. You can find ways and develop strategies over time that can help you earn your HSE. Adult schooling at local test centers can help you prepare for the subject tests. At your test center, you can meet other adult learners who are preparing for their high school equivalencies. Through them, you can find support. According to the employment website, “working with a study buddy allows instant support when students are not sure of an answer or a procedure.” You can find a community that truly understands how much courage it takes to commit to this process – and to move forward in your life using education. The TASC test blog is here for you, to provide further insight into the subject tests and strategies for studying and taking the test.

Once you find a strategy that works for you and a community that supports you, you could be unstoppable. You have the self-confidence, the motivation, and the determination. You can earn your high school equivalency, and you can take the next step in your life.

You can do it. Start today. 

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