Real Talk: Lisa Nickerson's Story

March 24, 2015 thetasctest

When Lisa Nickerson, 42, originally from Trinidad, started working in healthcare and realized she wanted to be a nurse, she knew that attaining her U.S. high school equivalency would be key. Lisa, who now lives in Brooklyn, NY, and took the TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™ at a local testing center, shares her success story with us. She passed on her first try and believes that with perseverance and studying, everyone can accomplish their goal.

  1. Prior to taking the TASC test, what was the highest grade-level you completed (and how long ago was it?)

I completed high school in my country 24 years ago.

  1. What kept you from earning your high school equivalency?

When I got here 13 years ago I didn’t pay much attention to not having a U.S. high school diploma because I worked for myself. However, when I lost my business and decided to seek employment I realized I needed a U.S. high school equivalency (as it would take too long to try to get it from my home country and then have it evaluated. It is also a very expensive process).

  1. What made you decide to persevere in earning your high school equivalency? What was your motivation and inspiration?

I got into the healthcare field and realized I liked it. As a result, I decided I wanted to become a nurse (but needed a high school equivalency certificate).

  1. How did you prepare for the TASC test? How did the study materials help you prepare for the TASC test?

I took a prep class for about 3 months. I also bought Data Recognition Corporation | CTB’s TASC—Test Assessing Secondary Completion: The Most Authoritative Guide to the New High School Equivalency Exam. This five-subject book, along with doing a lot of online practice tests and, most importantly, my homework, helped me prepare for the test.

  1. Did you face any challenges throughout the process? How did you overcome them?

I struggled with Mathematics, along with Science, because I had forgotten so much. But the DRC|CTB book brought me up to speed in the areas I needed help in.

  1. What plans do you have for your future? What are your goals, dreams, and ambitions?

My goals are to become a nurse. I am actively pursuing this as we speak!

  1. What is your number one piece of advice or tip for all TASC test takers?

Study, study, study! Focus on your weak areas. Push yourself to focus on your problem areas. You can't guess your way through; you have to know the work. On the day of the test, don’t pay attention to folks who get up and leave; just sit it through, do your best, and keep it moving. Some folks got up and left the exam. I don't understand that. The exam is not easy, but if you study, you can and will pass. My total score on the TASC test was 2,973.* I was so shocked, and I thank God I passed!

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