How Can Online Testing Improve Your TASC Test Experience?

March 24, 2015 Rochelle Revor

In 2014, McGraw-Hill Education CTB launched the online version of the TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™. The new way to take America’s national high school equivalency test is gaining momentum. Test takers can take the TASC test and receive scores conveniently – even when needing specialized accommodations. 

Online testing puts all the information test takers need in one centralized place: an adaptable, valid testing environment. And the test experience is paperwork-free. Let’s look at how testing online streamlines each step of registering, scheduling and taking the test:

Ease of Registration

Online testing increases access for test takers, who can register and schedule a test online anytime.

Reduced Administration

TASC test delivery provides greater flexibility and eases the burden of test administration. All practice, instructions, and timings are computer-administered.

Automatic Scoring

TASC test results are delivered at the touch of a button, significantly reducing teachers’ and administrators’ workloads. Fast feedback is motivating for test takers, too.

Increased Test Taker Motivation

Test takers often find the online testing experience more motivating and less daunting than paper-and-pencil based tests. Additionally, the TASC test online offers colorful graphics and images. It feels more fun and less formal.

Test on Your Time

When test takers finish one test section of the TASC test online they can advance to the next section immediately. With the paper-and-pencil based version they must wait until the allotted time is up before they are instructed to move on to the next section.

The TASC Test Writing Subtest

With the TASC test online test takers can type their written essay completely online. With the paper-and-pencil based version they need to hand-write the essay.

Improved Technology Skills

Online testing promotes test takers’ development of basic computer technology skills – skills that are expected in almost every job and career.

Overcome Disabilities

The online TASC test can be customized to those with specific disabilities, empowering them to play on a level field.

With the online TASC test, blind students can test using a Braille keyboard, and text may be enlarged for those who have difficulty seeing small print. Software can be installed on a computer that allows students to hear the TASC test questions or instructions through speakers if they are unable to see the screen.

Online Study Tools

Test takers can use online study tools like the TASC Test Readiness Assessment. The Readiness Assessment mirrors the online version of the TASC test. By completing the Readiness Assessment, test takers receive a score in the form of a percentage indicating their likelihood of passing the TASC test. The Readiness Assessment provides feedback on areas of weakness, allowing test takers to focus their efforts as they prepare for the test.

Easy-to-Understand Interface

The online test is simple for test takers to use, primarily requiring them to understand how to type and navigate the screen using a mouse.

Test Security

More efficient than ever, test items and student data are secured through latest online security protocols.

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