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July 18, 2016 DRC Team

Real Talk: Jennifer Rumrill’s TASC Test Story

Everyone endures challenges in life, but it is those who set their minds to prevailing above all obstacles who continue to move their lives forward and achieve lifelong goals and dreams.

After dropping out of high school to raise her daughter, TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™ test taker Jennifer Rumrill, now 30 years old, decided to step up to the TASC test, become a role model for her children, and move closer to achieving her dream of owning her own business.

Read about Jennifer’s inspiring TASC test journey:

  1. Why did you drop out of high school?

I got pregnant when I was 17, but I kept going to school until I was four months pregnant. At that point, I started having complications and couldn't go to school anymore. I had a tutor help me [stay on top of school] while I was on medical leave. I was so dedicated to my 11th grade year in school, and I finished 11th grade with [the help of my] tutor.

After I had my daughter, I went back to school to finish my senior year, but I made the hard decision to drop out half way through 12th grade and dedicate myself to raising my daughter to make sure she was safe and cared for.

  1. What made you decide to earn your high school equivalency? What was your motivation?

What made me decide I wanted my HSE was that I wanted my kids to know they can do anything they set their minds to, and I wanted them to be proud of me.

  1. Why did you choose the TASC test?

I chose the TASC test because I heard it was a good way to prepare for [my future goals], and it was. The TASC test [study materials] also [helped me] figure out what I needed to work on and what I already knew.

  1. How did you prepare for the TASC test? How did the TASC test study materials help you prepare?

I prepared for the test by going to night classes at the Gloversville Literacy Zone, in Gloversville, New York, every Monday and Wednesday from 6pm to 9pm.

I also took the TASC Readiness Assessment and received a 99% on it. [After that,] I knew I was ready for the actual TASC test.

  1. What challenges did you face throughout the study and preparation process? How did you overcome them?

The only challenge I faced while preparing for the TASC test was how much the math material had changed since I was in high school. I overcame this challenge by writing notes down in class, asking for help when I needed it, doing the homework that was assigned, and going over [my notes and homework] almost every day.

  1. What goals and ambitions do you have for your future?

My goals for the future consist of getting a job that I love going to everyday and starting my own business.

  1. Fill in the blank: In 10 years, you will see Jennifer ____________.

…with her own business, a house in the country, and just loving life.

  1. What advice or tips do you have for future TASC test takers and anyone looking to earn their high school equivalency?

The advice I give people who would like to earn their HSE is to follow your dreams. It doesn't matter how old you are, just as long as you set your mind to it, anything can happen. Also, the TASC test helps you in so many ways to get you to the point where you have confidence to take the test and know you will pass.

Let Jennifer’s story inspire you. Step up to the TASC test and earn your high school equivalency. You can do it!

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