Test Center Spotlight: The James Rumsey Technical Institute in Martinsburg, WV

February 26, 2016 Jennifer Brandt

Test Center Spotlight: The James Rumsey Technical Institute in Martinsburg, WV 

As you prepare to earn your high school equivalency (HSE), receiving the right support makes all the difference. That’s why we’re constantly inspired by our TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™ test centers. The dedication, assistance, and encouragement they provide to every TASC test taker is remarkable.   

Today we’re placing the test center spotlight on the James Rumsey Technical Institute (JRTI) as Paula Gould, JRTI’s Adult Education Coordinator, and Sherri Messerli, JRTI’s TASC Test Coordinator, take us inside the institute’s transition and process with the TASC test:

  1. When did the James Rumsey Technical Institute start offering the TASC test?  

We converted from the GED® test to the TASC test in 2014. Our first test session was conducted in April 2014.

  1. What successes have you seen as a result of offering the TASC test?

           More [students are] completing their high school equivalency (HSE).

  1. How is the TASC test administered at the JRTI?

We offer online testing for the most part. For now, we offer paper/pencil testing to students with special accommodations and those needing extra time. We feel the more options offered to students, the better. Some adult students are not comfortable with online testing. Online testing produces much quicker test results, however.

  1. How does the James Rumsey Technical Institute help test takers prepare for the TASC test?  

The adult learning center is open M-F, including two evenings a week. There are 5 volunteer math tutors available as well. Student pre-assessment indicates specific areas requiring additional study and post-assessment shows progress. Various instructional strategies provide depth of knowledge experience required for successful testing results.

JRTI Adult Education [also] refers to the TASC test website through West Virginia Department of Education links; uses the online registration process; and provides both the paper and online [versions of the] TASC Test Readiness Assessment

  1. What are you most passionate about with the JRTI?  

James Rumsey Technical Institute offers every learner — high school credential, basic skills remediation, career credential, and college transition — an opportunity to achieve his/her goals.

  1. Any additional comments, insights, or comments of inspiration you’d like to add as it pertains to aspiring West Virginia HSE candidates with the TASC test?

Setting a long-term goal, determining the steps (short-term goals) to accomplish it, and monitoring goal progress is crucial. Also, an excellent collaboration with the Department of Rehabilitation Services enables eligible adults to access services that provide accommodations.

James Rumsey Technical Institute (JRTI) Adult Education has worked cooperatively with the Division of Rehabilitative Services (DRS) for many years, pre-dating the July 2015 WIOA collaboration mandate. During the last eight years, more than 80 individuals have been referred to DRS for services. The goal is seamless transition for eligible clients to access educational services including DRS funded/scheduled assessments that might provide instructional and testing accommodations documentation.

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