Test Center Spotlight: The Atlantic County One-Stop Career Center

February 3, 2016 thetasctest

Test Center Spotlight: The Atlantic County One-Stop Career Center 

How are you preparing for the TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™? Are you studying independently or with the support and guidance of your local TASC testing center?

Today we’re placing the test center spotlight on New Jersey’s Atlantic County One-Stop Career Center as Kenneth Olivenbaum, Chief Examiner for the career center, discusses the center’s experience with the TASC test and reveals why every TASC test taker should take advantage of the help and inspiration found at testing centers:

  1. When did the Atlantic County One-Stop Career Center start offering the TASC test?

We commenced CBT (computer-based testing) with the TASC test in March, 2014.

  1. How is the TASC test administered at the Atlantic County One-Stop Career Center?

Computer-based testing.

  1. What successes have you seen as a result of offering the TASC test?

I have witnessed many people taking the TASC test, pleased with the opportunity of doing so with advanced technology. I am a strong proponent of computerizing systems to maintain an equilibrium with academia and the professional realms.

I am very pleased to offer the TASC test via CBT as opposed to PBT (pencil-based testing). I am also gratified to observe the passing percentiles, which we were quite concerned about at the onset of CBT. The passing percentiles clearly speak to the many successes I have witnessed here at the Atlantic County One-Stop Career Center.

I enthusiastically urge examinees to view their passing scores as a vital step toward broadening their vast and untapped potential for academic and professional success. I am pleased to share that many of our examinees have followed this successful strategy.

  1. How does the Atlantic County One-Stop Career Center help test takers prepare for the TASC test?

On the first and third Wednesday of every month, Ms. Barbara Kozek of Atlantic Cape Community College’s Department of Continuing Education and I preside over a very detailed orientation program. I provide a booklet comprised of the requisite identification form, the TASC activity room locations, a syllabus of my presentation focusing on the price and scoring structures, examination eligibility, discussion of the CBT processes, and a cursory session on the test preparation.

Ms. Kozek’s presentation focuses on the subject matter of each exam. She, too, hands out a very thorough packet detailing each exam module’s contents. Free tutoring programs are offered as well, with the opportunity for an open question and answer [session] for potential examinees. I want them to share their concerns and relevant inquiries. I tell our potential examinees that I do not want them leaving the session with any unanswered questions. I want them to feel 100% comfortable, confident, and ready on examination day.

  1. What is the importance of affordable pricing for test takers?

As my test center is situated in Atlantic County, the center for which there has been in excess of 12,000 casino and hotel layoffs, examination pricing is critical. I am sensitive to the precarious economic situation that prevails in this part of New Jersey. I encourage the examinee to take the exam(s) they are academically prepared for so [he or she does] not incur frequent charges for retests.

  1. What are you most passionate about with the Atlantic County One-Stop Career Center?

I feel a deep responsibility in the examinee’s undertaking of the exam and moving forward in their academic and professional careers. In my presentation, I share that the next examinee may:

  • Discover the cure for cancer
  • Become the next computer wizard
  • Come across a huge astronomical discovery and have a planet or star named after them
  • Become President of the United States

I am overwhelmed with the excitement and, yes, trepidation that these folks bring to my orientation and examination sessions. I share with them my sincere passion for them to succeed. Their accomplishments will further science, business, medicine, entertainment, politics, and technology. The possibilities – I loudly and enthusiastically exhort to the examinees – the possibilities!

  1. Any additional comments or insights you’d like to add to help inspire people to pursue their HSE and find success with the TASC test?

First and foremost, I share with them that they are role models for their children, grandchildren, families, and friends. They have chosen a path to further and broaden their horizons. The mountain of self-respect they gain upon deciding to take the exam, scheduling, preparing, and finally presenting themselves on exam day is an incredible boost for one’s self-actualization and self-respect. 

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