Test Center Spotlight: Forsyth Tech in North Carolina

December 9, 2015 thetasctest

Test Center Spotlight: Forsyth Tech in North Carolina

Have you found yourself wondering how you can better prepare for the TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™? The answer may be at your local testing center.

In the months leading to Caliyon Gardner’s – the first TASC test taker to pass in the state of North Carolina – TASC test success, he went to Forsyth Tech's computer lab and completed TASC test preparation lessons and tests. This additional method of study helped him learn the basics of every subject on the TASC test, and allowed him to assess how his skill level was improving.

Today we’re placing the test center spotlight on Forsyth Tech as Julie Summers, Forsyth Tech’s Testing Coordinator, takes us inside the test center’s transition and process with the TASC test:

  1. How would you describe Forsyth Tech's transition to offering the TASC test?

Initially, our students were reluctant to start with the TASC test, but once one student had taken a subject subtest and passed, they began to sign up immediately. We also started explaining how tests are instruments of measure, which helped [students] be more accepting of the TASC test in place of the GED® test. Most students have cited the cost and the separation of the Reading and Writing subjects – as well as convenience – as their reasons for choosing the TASC test.


  1. What successes have you seen as a result of this transition? Challenges?

We have had three students pass the TASC test and a number who have taken multiple tests. We use Essential Education’s TASC Test Academy as our preparation, and it seems to be working well for our students. My challenge was the learning curve I was on, but thanks to the excellent TASC test support team at Data Recognition Corporation | CTB, I was able to correct my mistakes and quickly fix our issues.


  1. How does Forsyth Tech prepare for TASC test takers?

Our testing center has 20 computers. We pull up the TABE® and TASC test tutorials for our new testers so they are familiar with the tools that are available on CBT (computer-based testing). I prepare a seating chart with each tester’s subject(s), form, and UUID. I print out test tickets and clip them to the check-in roster. I put a sticky note on the seating chart with the test access codes for each tester.

As far as preparing our students for testing, we ensure that potential testers are scoring 585 or higher on the TABE. They are then assigned to Practice Testing (Essential Education’s TASC Test Academy).


  1. How is the TASC test administered at Forsyth Tech?

We are currently using the CBT. We plan to add the PBT (paper-based testing) in the new year.


  1. What is the importance of having a paper/pencil option for testing, as well as having an online option?

The main benefit I see of having the PBT is for some of our older students or foreign students. Most of our clientele are somewhat computer savvy.


  1. How did the absence of a paper/pencil testing option impact testing last year?

Since the only option we had for testing last year was the GED test on computer, we did see quite a drop-off in testing.


  1. What is the importance of affordable pricing for test takers?

Cost is a major concern for the majority of our students. Many have been waiting for us to begin the TASC testing so that they could afford it.


  1. What are you most passionate about at Forsyth Tech?

I am most passionate about our students’ success! I have worked in Adult Education for 15 years, and have found it to be the most fulfilling work I have done. I love helping students discover a love for reading, an ability to do math, and a belief in their abilities to do academic work. 


  1. Any additional comments or insights to help TASC test takers prepare for test day?

Practice readiness assessment tests are essential in being prepared for testing. Many of our testers have remarked at how much reading there is on the TASC Reading subtest; we have communicated that to our instructors so that they can assign longer passages.

Interested to learn more about the TASC Test Readiness Assessment?

By completing the Readiness Assessment, examinees receive a score in the form of a percentage that indicates the likelihood of passing the TASC test. In addition, the Readiness Assessment provides feedback on areas of weakness, allowing examinees to focus their efforts as they prepare for the test.

The Readiness Assessment is available in English and Spanish, and in both paper-and-pencil and computer-based formats.

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