Employers: Urgent Changes in High School Equivalency Testing

December 8, 2015 thetasctest
Employers: A Lot Has Changed in
High School Equivalency Testing
In support of new high school equivalency (HSE) initiatives in your state, we would like to inform you of new testing options available to adults looking to further their educational and career opportunities by earning their high school credential. These changes are important to consider as they will impact the way you recruit and qualify candidates for job placement. 

More than two dozen states across the country have already chosen to replace the GED® test, or add additional tests like the TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™ as options for earning a state-issued high school equivalency certificate. These alternative tests have been approved by the US Department of Education, Office of Career, Technology and Adult Education (OCTAE) and implemented nationwide, to provide more affordable and accessible alternatives to individuals working to earn their HSE credential. Like other HSE tests, the TASC test is a valid and reliable measure of high school equivalency based on the new standards taught in today’s secondary education classrooms. 

While the test a job candidate takes to earn their HSE may sound trivial, many businesses are unknowingly disqualifying viable job candidates by requesting that the candidates have a GED. The reality is students earn a HSE credential from their state, not a GED. In support of adult learners, we encourage you to review and change your job applications and job descriptions to require a state high school equivalency credential instead of a GED. Give adults in your community the chance they deserve to make their future career opportunities a reality—regardless of the test they take to earn their HSE. 

For additional information on the TASC test please contact:
TASC Test Customer Support
Toll-free telephone: 888.282.0589
Toll-free fax: 877.800.9389
Email: TASCtest_helpdesk@ctb.com
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