Real Talk: Caliyon Gardner's TASC Test Story

December 7, 2015 thetasctest

Real Talk: Caliyon Gardner's TASC Test Story

Finding the drive to forge a better life for yourself is an act of resiliency. Every TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™ test taker knows this. The path to obtaining a high school equivalency must be paved with dedication and commitment.

TASC test taker Caliyon Gardner, 24, was unable to finish his senior year of high school due to attendance issues. “I got kicked out of several high schools, so I ended up having to go to alternative and charter schools. [In] my last attempt at high school, I got kicked out because of my attendance. At the time, I had a lot of things going on [in my life], so it was difficult for me to stay focused and motivated with school. I missed days almost every week until I passed the limit. I would have went back but I was about to be 22 and you can't be in high school past the age of 21.”

Wanting more for his life, Caliyon persevered and passed the TASC test - the first TASC test taker to pass in the state of North Carolina. Today, we’re excited to share Caliyon’s inspiring TASC test success story with you.

  1. What made you decide to earn your high school equivalency? What was your motivation?

I just moved from Chicago to North Carolina, and it was a fresh start for me. In order for me to accomplish my goal in becoming a day trader, I first have to go to college and receive my bachelor's degree in finance. I can't start college without a high school diploma or a high school equivalency, so that was my motivation to earn my high school equivalency.


  1. Why did you choose the TASC test?

I had two options: adult high school or the TASC test. I chose the TASC test because it would be quicker for me to finish and get into college.


  1. How did you prepare for the TASC test? How did the TASC test study materials help you prepare?

I prepared for the TASC test by going to the computer lab at Forsyth Tech's West Campus for a couple of months and [completed] the lessons and tests that were offered in the online program. It helped by teaching me the basics of every subject that was on the TASC test, and by testing my skill level.


  1. What challenges did you face throughout the study and preparation process? How did you overcome them?

The science and math was sort of difficult for me, so I just spent the majority of my time going over and practicing the lessons that were the most difficult in those two subjects.


  1. What goals and ambitions do you have for your future?

My goals for the future are to go to college and achieve my bachelor's degree in finance, then move back to Chicago to become a day trader.


  1. Fill in the blank: In 10 years, you will see Caliyon ____________.

…in Forbes magazine as one of the richest men in America.


  1. What advice or tips do you have for future TASC test takers and anyone looking to earn their high school equivalency?

The most valuable piece of advice that I can give to future TASC test takers is to practice and go into the test with a lot of confidence. It's almost 2016 and I stopped going to school at the end of 2012; if I could study, take the test, and pass each subject on the first try, then everyone can do it.


Let Caliyon’s story inspire you. Accelerate your life with the TASC test.

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