8 Simple Steps to a Successful Test Day

December 2, 2015 thetasctest

8 Simple Steps to a Successful Test Day

Are you a few months, weeks, or days out from taking the TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™? You feel confident and prepared, but do you also feel apprehensive and nervous? Don’t panic – this feeling is normal.          

To beat any last minute test-taking jitters, follow these eight steps to ensure you have a successful TASC test exam day:

The Night Before the TASC Test

  1. Confirm test day details.

To avoid a snafu on test day, confirm important details such as:

  • The address and directions to the testing center you’re scheduled at
  • The time of the test
  • The rules regarding banned electronics, such as certain calculator models and smart watches
  • The test’s time limit
  • Required items to bring, such as a valid I.D.

Without valid proof of who you are, test centers will not let you take the exam. Contact your test center to confirm acceptable forms of I.D. and any additional items you’re required to bring.


  1. Perform a quick review.

The night before you take the TASC test is not the time to stay up late cramming. Trust that your hard work and dedication to mastering TASC test material will help you perform well. A brief review of key concepts and formulas will help you close the books on your studying.


  1. Set your alarm.

Before you fall asleep, make sure you set your alarm. Allow plenty of time to get ready, eat a substantial breakfast, and arrive early to the testing center. Keep in mind how long the drive is and any traffic you might encounter.


  1. Get a good night sleep.

Your hard work can be washed away if you feel exhausted and groggy the day of the exam. Try to get at least eight hours of sleep the week leading up to the exam – especially the night before. According to HarrisHealth.org, your “memory recall and ability to maintain concentration are much improved” when you’re well rested.


The Day of the TASC Test

  1. Eat a healthy breakfast.

What you place (or don’t place) in your body will affect your test-taking performance. Healthy eating is especially important when you’re stressed or anxious. According to GoodLuckExams.com, food provides your brain with the energy it needs to work efficiently and remain focused. To help your body stay fueled and your brain remain sharp, eat any of the following foods:

  • Eggs
  • Yogurt
  • Oatmeal
  • Whole-grain cereal
  • Low-fat milk


  1. Dress in layers.

It’s important you remain comfortable for the duration of the exam. The test center may be colder or warmer than you desire. Dress in layers to prepare for any room temperature.


  1. Arrive early.

Plan to arrive at least 10-15 minutes before your scheduled test time. Running late could add unnecessary anxiety, and arriving late could prevent you from taking the test all together.


  1. Use the restroom before taking your seat.

Needing to use the restroom may not be permitted until you’ve completed the exam. Make sure you use the restroom before entering the exam room.


Do you have additional steps you take to guarantee a successful test day? We want to hear what they are. Leave a comment below or share this post with a friend. 

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