How Can You Support Your Central Claim? | Writing

November 25, 2015 thetasctest

How Can You Support Your Central Claim? | Writing

In a previous TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™ post, we discussed four types of central claims found in persuasive and argumentative writing. As you continue to improve on developing a strong central claim, let’s look at ways your argument can be supported.


Cite an Organization or Expert

Let’s pretend you’re claiming that smoking cigarettes has negative health effects. One way you can support this claim is to cite information and research conducted by scientists, medical professionals, or established organizations – such as the American Cancer Society® – that reveals sufficient evidence about the negative effects of smoking.


Use Statistical Data

You can also use statistical data to support your argument. Statistical data is usually collected from a large sample of the population, making it a relevant and powerful resource to support your claim. When using statistical data, remember to:

  • Communicate the data clearly and concisely, so your audience knows what the statistical data means
  • Cite the source of the data to give it credibility
  • Explain how the data supports your claim


Provide Real-Life Examples

You may feel that a real-life example will provide extra, hard-hitting evidence your claim needs. These types of examples can provide your claim with an emotional element.

For example, in your pursuit to prove the negative health effects of smoking, you can share applicable details about:

  • A family member that experienced health complications caused by smoking
  • A friend that passed away from lung cancer caused by smoking
  • A personal experience that highlights how smoking negatively affected your relationships, your budget, or your health
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