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September 16, 2015 thetasctest

What You Need to Know about the TASC Test Readiness Assessment

Are you getting ready to finally earn your high school equivalency? If you’re like most test takers, you’re start to feel the butterflies as test day approaches. There’s a lot on the line. Passing your exam could mean a promotion, a college degree, hope for you and your family.

To ease your anxiety before you take the TASC Test Assessing Secondary Completion™, you can take the official practice test, the TASC Test Readiness Assessment, which mirrors the TASC test and gauges your progress. There are currently two TASC Test Readiness Assessment 2015 options, both offered online or as a paper-and-pencil test:

  1. Readiness Assessment 2: Aligned to the current TASC test, this assessment prepares you with Constructed-Response or Short Answer questions, Technology-Enhanced (TE) items (on the computer-based test), and TE twin items (on the paper-based test)
  2. Readiness Assessment 3: With all the same features as Readiness Assessment 2 listed above, this version offers Adult Basic Education programs and a second practice test for examinees who need to practice more than once. Additionally, 25 percent of the items have been replaced with new items.

You can take a Readiness Assessment through TASC testing centers and preparation programs. Both are designed to help you gauge your likelihood of passing the current TASC test. We will update you whenever a new version of the TASC test and the Readiness Assessments are released so you can prepare accordingly. The Readiness Assessments do the following:

  • Mimic the question format you’ll see on the official TASC test
  • Preview the content of the current official test
  • Prepare you to focus on the same content as current high school seniors
  • Predict how likely you are to pass the official test
  • Identify your strongest and weakest areas so you can focus your studies

We recommend taking the Readiness Assessment at the beginning or middle of your preparation plan. Then use the results to gauge your progress and adjust the plan accordingly. As the TASC test is updated, we will release a new Readiness Assessment to prepare you.

Find out more information on the Readiness Assessment webpage.

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